Be here now

In common sense, people talk about the past, the present and the future as a linear time line.

I have always been fascinated by the idea, that it might not be as linear as we thought it is. I remember I watch the series Quantum Leap with much excitement in the 80s. Imagine if indeed, it is not linear. How much freedom we actually have? There is no past nor future to worry about, there is just now!

At that age, I did not realize that that very concept is what people are talking about years later. Be in the Now, be in the Now! But what is it with the Present? Aren’t we paying what we did, now? Isn’t that what karma is? We are where we’re at today, because of what we did previously, or in the past life?

Aren’t we here attached on our karma?

After much thoughts, I grasped the concept of karma in a way that might be different than how most people see it. Karma is indeed the law of cause and effect. It is common that people would say: “Karma will get you!”, when they are not happy with what someone did. What people misunderstood is, it is not about punishment or reward.

It is about creation.

Therefore, karma is an active action, you can’t just sit back and hope all the good karma will come to you. By doing something amazing now, we create amazing future.  Suddenly our life is back on our hands. We can’t play victim anymore in our life by saying, “It’s just my karma”. No. We are in charge of our life.  If we are fearless now in pursuing what our soul supposed to do, we are going to be in our right path, and life is just a happy moment.

Now, let’s dig it deeper.

We can change our life, now. How?

What about this: what we do now, will change our past? Not possible? Think again. Imagine yourself, in the “past” that you are crying about. Then change your perception of that situation. Let go off any negative thoughts. Fill that memory with positive thoughts, no matter how difficult it is. There is no mistake in life, you know. Everything that happens is an experience that is needed by our soul. It was a lesson. No regrets. No mistake. If we are fearless now in accepting who we are, where we are; Life is again – a happy moment.

Moving Forward…

No one ever promise that being mindful is easy. But the only reason it is difficult, is because we complicate ourselves with all that the ego wants, and those needs are not necessary. Truly, we only need this time. We need to fulfil this time to create beautiful life, to experience life fully.  Right here, right now.

So, the present is all we have, darling. Let’s stay here. There is no need to wait, because we can be alive now. Today, do what puts your soul on fire.


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