Three simple tools to live our purpose

life purpose

Here we are again, talking about our purpose – the big question of life.

We often make finding our purpose more complicated ┬áthan it is. We’re looking all the way inside overseas caves whilst our purpose is just in front of us. We expect that the reason we are here, would involve travelling the world (for some people it does), or saving lives in conflict areas (again, it is, for some). But truly, our purpose does not have to be dramatic. Our purpose is just – to live as authentic us.

And what is it, authentic us?

1. Check what do you love?

I always believe that we are down here on earth equipped with a “map”. Our soul knows where to go, we only need to listen to this inner gps system. When we are on the right road, our soul is flowing free, we feel happy, we feel alive.

2. Check what do we fear?

People who are on their path, look happy – but it does not mean that they don’t face challenges. At times, it will be challenging to choose the right path. Sometimes it is easier to stay in the comfort zone, and avoiding the discomfort to choose the authentic path. Sometimes our mind tricks us by saying that this is our intuition saying that it is not the right step. Is it? My personal trick to catch myself in this is, to ask myself if this is fear, where I feel it. Ask my heart of how I feel about choosing the brave road. Then ask my heart of how I feel about choosing the safe road. Every time, I will see it clearly after this session.

3. Always listen, and adjust.

In summary, it’s really like having a gps in the car. So we listen (or see) if in any moment we need to make a turn. Our soul is telling us this. It might come as new opportunities, it might be a negative feeling – such as disappointment, a feeling of lost, unhappiness or even a dream. Then proceed to the start again to number 1 and 2 and continue. Life is actually pretty easy. The problem is we are making it complicated with our fear and we miss the signs!

Enjoy your purpose, and have fun!




Life, living it fearlessly and truthfully


“You can’t do this forever”

About life. Best friends are those who can give us food of thoughts for us to reflect. But then still respects us for whatever decisions we make for our life.

Therefore I am grateful when I received that comment from one of mine a few days ago. It left me wondering. Really? I can’t do this forever?

Are we living the right life?

So what my bestie meant ┬áby “this” is this life style I live. Living a life out of the ordinary. That is a life which is not following the mainstream or some social set-value of how we work and live. So here I am. Over forty years old, travelling, earning money through diving, yoga and writing. It’s not my interest to buy a mansion or a fast car. Truly, I am content with what I have and calling myself independent. I pay my expenses including my son’s. My lifestyle is quite comfortable. And although I have savings, I don’t worry about the future too much. What’s the point, I live now! So watching me goes by like this, brings a little anxiety to my dear friend who is blessed to have a life path of living in a normal way.

Are we a cookie-cutter version or are we authentic?

To know if you are on the right path, first ask your mind. Most people wants to bypass the mind – and go straight to their heart. But I always ask my mind first. I was asking myself there and then. What does my mind say about working 9-5 at an office? Then I ask the mind, what about having an ocean for an office? What does my mind say about where I am right now?

Then ask the heart! What does the heart say?

Tips to check if you live the right life authentically

If it feels right, it’s right

So that’s it. If your heart say it’s right, then it’s right. However, thank your mind for giving you the advice. Thank your friend for giving you a food of thought. Then be grateful that you are on your right path.

Remember that many people just live, and never be alive. Each of us has different purpose in life, and if you find yours – it does not matter what others are!

Have fun, and never let anything dim your sparkle.

Join me in my next adventure?