Energy; Tips on how to keep it light.

energy strength

Good energy? What is it?

We are not going to complicate the concept of energy in this article. Good and bad energy are as simple as how we feel. Good energy is what makes us feel good such as happiness, excitement, contentment, hopeful and so on. It feels light. Bad energy is what makes us feel uncomfortable, such as sadness, anger, disappointment, shame, worthlessness and so on. It feels heavy. We want to keep the light, because it keeps us filled with love. With love, it easier to be on higher vibration, closer to the bliss that yoga meant to be.

Isn’t it normal?

Yes, having alternate good or bad is normal for human beings like us. During our lifetime, we would encounter some challenges which might bring some heavy feelings. However, it is preferable that we stay light, and spread the light. But we cannot do this by pushing the heavy feelings down. Instead, we should acknowledge it, accept it, and then – the challenge is – to let it go.

So these feelings can come from ourselves, but it also comes from the outside. Think of a moment when we are in a room full of sad people. Or in a demonstration full of angry people. We might feel something heavy. Because feelings  – can affect many many other people.

How to deal with our feelings and others

We are not trying to push down any uncomfortable feelings. So the first thing to do is that we accept them. Because by accepting, this feeling usually becomes detached and we can let it go.

Once the feeling is gone, we can imagine a pink light surrounds us. Imagine this light comes deep into your heart and gives love. Only love. No other feeling.

When the attack comes from outside. We can still use this concept.  Imagine the pink light protects us from any negative feelings that others are experiencing. Then slowly emanates the pink light towards ourself. Imagine it fills us with love. After that, slowly imagine the pink light also emanates love to people surrounds you. See than the light starts to fill and surrounds everyone, changing the darkness into light.

If the event is tremendous, we might feel lingering negative energy days afterwards. Remember to change clothes after a visit to hospital, prison, funerals, house or office with conflicts or any gathering where anger or sadness might be in the air. I’d go as far as washing my hair too.

After days, if it persists, jump into the ocean. That never fails to clear up energy. Don’t fear the bad feelings. Spread the love.