How to practice “Namaste” off your mat


Namaste. Such a fancy word in the end of a yoga class. The meaning of namaste more or less is that :

the Divine in me bow to the Divine in you.

How to practice Namaste, in this world?

To make it simple, in essence, we are soul. We are not this mind, ego, or even this physical body. We are all this love, or energy if you prefer. That’s the essence of us. This part of us that is divine. God. Universe. So, in realising this, we know that every single beings are just the same of us. In other words, we are no longer separating ourselves from the rest of the world. This is the peace feeling when we say namaste in the end of the yoga class. We just connect! By our nature, we are just yearn to connect.

The challenge is though, we need to keep this outside of the yoga studio. But surely our ego gets in the way. As soon as you walk out of the yoga studio, a minor situation can give you an urge to hit someone with your yoga mat! Because we are not connected anymore. How can we feel connected to those who are so different than us? Then, how can we feel connected to those who challenge us? Furthermore, how can we feel connected to those who attack our ego? These moments of separation are the source of our sufferings during the day, have you noticed?

So, through out the day we need to use our hearts and sense the core of others – and zip through the ego, the intellect, all the differences, and just connect to that space of spirits. Understand that the other being has light too. Remind ourselves of our lights.

5 Steps to keep the light within burning

  1. Believe and trust that we are this light
    Of course, this is the main thing. We must trust that we are this love, we are not the doubts, we are not the fear, we are not the anger. We are pure love. In a moment of difficulties, we can say to ourself: I am light.
  2. Be playful in your daily life, don’t take life too seriously
    Yes! Ignite the playfulness in yourself. Dance in the rain. Laugh. Take it easy!
  3. Get out of your comfort zone
    So, this one can be challenging for some people who are not naturally adventurous. Do something that you haven’t done. Of course, it doesn’t mean we have to sky jump tomorrow, but maybe we try a new dish, maybe we can go and talk with someone we don’t know, maybe we do a new sport, maybe we read something we don’t normally read.
  4. Connect with the nature, do something physical – sports, walk, swim in the ocean, gardening, any move.
    This one never fails! Go and see the sunset. Smell the flowers. Feel the grass. Look at the clouds. See how amazing this world is, and realise that we are magic too.
  5. Catch yourself and step back when you feel ungrounded.
    The more you practice this, the easier you catch yourself when you start losing that namaste feeling. So the key is practice. Then it’s all just take a breath and come back to centre.

Now I wish you a fantastic day, living an authentic life. Knowing clearly on who we really are, and claiming back our power of life!