We are all psychic

psychic power

Yes, we are all psychic.

What is that? One of the definition of psychic is “appearing to have powers of telepathy or clairvoyance”.

We are all connected at one level – at the higher vibration. The core of our being is light, love, or divine. This is atman in yoga literature. Some would call it soul.  In another word, the more tangible word, it is energy.

So these energies are operating at psychic level, and they connect to one another, beyond space and linear time. And we all have this power. Hence you think of someone and that person will call you out of sudden. How common is this: “I was just thinking of you!”

Why it is important to recognise this ability

The main source of our suffering is that we allow the madness of the world to overshadow the light of our soul. Therefore we have a lot of desires. We have fears.  No wonder sometimes it seems like we are lost, and running around with no direction. But the light is all along in us! We forget that we have this ability to tap into the unlimited source of power and knowledge. When we are aware of this at all time, we will always know which way to go.

Connecting to the power of knowing

On the contrary to what we might think, it’s actually pretty simple to connect back to our true Self, and tapping into this tremendous source of knowledge. We only need to quiet our mind. Ah whaaat. Yes, so it is simple, but it is not that easy.

Practice meditation at least for 10 minutes a day. Take deep breaths. Then slowly lower your attention from your head to your heart. Imagine the emerald green colour is surrounding your heart. Feel the warmth. Keep breathing and keep your attention to your heart. Then, just listen, feel, know and see. The more we practice, the easier it becomes to receive this knowledge. In time, we would be able to do this anytime and anywhere. Have fun!


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