A glimpse of Akashic Record

Akashic Records

What is Akashic Record?

What is actually Akashic record? Akasa in Sanskrit or angkasa in Bahasa Indonesia means sky. So we can say literally it means a record in the “sky”.

Akashic record is basically a record of our soul journey through different lifetimes. Not just about the past though. The records can also reveal our future potential, the possibilities, depends on what kind of energy that we sent at present.

The Soul Journey Through Life Times

Many people, including me, know that our souls have multiple lives. Not all of us believe in reincarnation, and this “knowing feeling” is something that one cannot teach or force to the other. In my case, I have a lot of moments where it is unexplainable how I can connect to a place or to someone as if I have been there before, or as if I knew them before.

So assuming that we all agree on multiple lifetimes, now we dig deeper on what souls record during those lifetimes. In each of its lives, the soul strive to grow and learn. In the end of its life, we  – as the soul, our higher Self – will decide on the next “adventure” to have in the next life.

The Connection Between Life Times

Although they seems to be separated, these lives are connected. We carry a bit of each lessons, traumas, joys with us to the next life. Sometimes, we feel stuck in a particular aspect of life and we don’t know why. This is when our knowledge of Akashic record can be useful for our present – and bringing full possibilities to our future.  Using the record, we can look back and clear up the repeated unwanted energy.

Remember that all of the less favourable events, are not punishments from the Heaven. These events are merely lessons that our souls want to go through to be able to grow. If we able to learn the lesson before the big event needs to happen, we can change the future and avoid those challenging events.

So now we know a glimpse about Akashic records. Let’s stay tune for the next posts where we will go deeper about our records.