About me


Unieng Restuning Sandini

This is Unieng. Thank you for being brave to dive deeper to know me!

I am an Indonesian woman, my name is Unieng. My home is in between Bali, Indonesia and Dili, Timor-Leste. I do dive adventure and yoga retreats to remote places in Indonesia and Timor-Leste under my brand www.bluefloyoga.com

My background is Architecture and Urban Design – hence the design work that I do. But what I call my job is PADI dive instructor and a yoga teacher. I am proud to be the first Indonesian female PADI instructor in Bali and still active! But this was long time a go, mind you. 😉  I grew up with eastern spirituality and energy works. Further on,  I am a registered yoga teacher trainer with many years of experience, and I am also a registered Reiki Practitioner following Usui lineage. Then I have been working in tourism business, having a hotel and restaurant, and a villa management business for more than 10 years.

One of my feet is firmly set on this “normal world”. My home is not in Himalayas cave and I do not meditate all day. I do my job like most people, I go out, have dinner and drink with my friends. I create and live my life following my purpose. On the other foot, I try to connect deeply into the Source. We are all psychic, but often we just lose the connection to the Divine world through our hectic world. Imagine if we can connect into that higher dimension as often as we connect to the internet!

Hence this writings are not to tell you any woo-woo stories. It is mostly to remind us who we actually are, and that we can manifest in this world without losing connection to the spirit world. When we do our purpose, living our authentic life, and walking our true path – life is actually a pleasure and so much fun!

Ah, of course. I can’t fully explain myself if I don’t mention that I am a mother too. I love travelling, teaching, cooking and the ocean. So all of those things will be mixed up in what I write. Enjoy the colourful light of life!

Love and light,